Wednesday, February 27, 2013

HUGE Renovation!

Hello Interloper is going through a HUGE renovation!

I originally made H.I. as a blog, but as you all know it's become more than that...
I now have an Etsy Shop, a Twitter, a YouTube channel, Facebook page, a Twitch, all that jazz.
Despite having all these different things under the same name, I don't have a central logo or theme to any of my things.

That all changes very soon.

With the advent of my YouTube channel's partnership with, a whole new look will be coming to ALL of my sites, starting soon.

With this blog:

  • A new color scheme!
  • An actual banner with logo!
With Etsy:
  • A new banner with logo!
  • Large-scale restocking of inventory!
  • Lowered prices!
With YouTube:
  • New background!
  • An actual banner with logo!
  • Custom video thumbnails!
My Twitter,, and Facebook page will also be updated with the new logo.

Keep an eye out for these changes soon!

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