Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Weird Facebook Ads

Once in a while, you'll get a Facebook ad that will really make you go "What the fff..."

I think this one might take the cake.

First of all, I'm not sure what exactly is being advertised.
Is it a game? Some kind of creepy 3D chat program?
Are you talking about fairies-and-dragons kind of fantasy, or being-tied-up-with-an-apple-in-every-orifice kind of fantasy?

Does that image of a baby have anything to do with that advertised game, or is it a mistake?
Or perhaps that baby is supposed to be... seductive?
I mean, it is kind of in that "sexy cat stretching" pose seen all too often in movies and magazines.
Is this some creepy pedophile game, or do you just have the option of coming home and being a baby mama after your "steamy nightlife" escapades?

Seriously Facebook ads, you confuse me.

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