Saturday, March 23, 2013


Can I be any more blunt?
Ceramics class has become a downright obsession for me. I literally can't get enough of it.
Twice a week, for three hours, I get to play around with clay as much as I want. Of course, we do have big assignments, but we're also required to make what my teacher likes to call, "free-forms"... aka anything your little heart desires.
I've found the free-forms to be the most fun, especially because you can knock out up to three of them in one go.
And GLAZING! That's my favorite part.
It's not the actual process of glazing that I love most, but that moment when the teacher cracks open the kiln. I swear, it's like being a kid on Christmas day. Glaze is so unpredictable that you honestly have no idea how your piece will have turned out. That's what is most exciting to me, the surprise at the end!
Is it pathetic that I'm actually saddened by the approach of the semester's end? Probably.
I, however, am going to enjoy this luxury of creating stuff from clay for a grade while I still can. I sure as hell won't have this opportunity again anytime soon.

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