Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Wow, I have been having one rough week.

I've been busy eBaying, bugging my mom to do inventory on her necklaces, dealing with massive amounts of stress from my family life, missing Jon like crazy, playing Fallout 3 to take my mind off of things, listening to Secret & Whispers album "Teenage Fantasy" on repeat over and over, and of course, staying up until ungodly hours of the morning.
It seems like the stress is just spurring more self-destructive behavior in a pitiful attempt of mine to "cope."

I feel guilty for not updating more often, but right now my mind seems like one big mess of cranial clutter.

What am I doing now? Well, I fell asleep at 9pm, woke up at 2:30am, and am basically twiddling my thumbs until 7am.
At 7am I need to wash my hair in the sink and then at 8:40am I have to arrive at my babysitting job, which I was lucky to have gotten last night.
At 11:40am my mom is going to come pick me up, and I'm hopping straight into the shower to wash off all of the dog allergens and kiddie germs I may have procured from their household.
Afterwards, I need to prepare three packages and envelopes to ship items to my eBay clients, wait in line at the post office, and get them shipped.
The rest of my afternoon will most likely consist of me texting Jon, watching television with my mother in a pathetic attempt to cure my loneliness, playing video games on my computer in the family room (our internet isn't working, so leeching off the neighbors is my only option), and taking a nap or two while enduring the headaches common to introverts who have to talk to a hyper child for three hours. (Thank goodness they pay well.)

Random fact, by the way.
An introvert isn't someone who hates people, is self-centered, or anything of that sort.
The true definitions of extroversion and introversion are actually quite different than the general population's definition.
An extrovert is somebody who gains energy in the presence of others. Being with people makes them excited and energetic, making them seem like "the life of the party." These positive effects make them love to socialize.
An introvert on the other hand, loses energy in the presence of others. Being with people takes a toll on their energy levels and actually suffer physical changes. They may love to socialize and seem energetic at first, but they will slowly become tired, sleepy, or achy after being with people for too long. After being with a large group or being with people for a while, they often need time to "recharge" or a "cool-off period" before they're ready to socialize again.

Unfortunately, I've found that I'm an introvert... I get terrible headaches or get extremely tired after interacting with people for too long, and this even happens when I'm with my family or friends for extended periods of time. Large groups give me a headache very fast. The only person I can hang out with for any period of time is Jon, and even then, we always take naps. (Maybe we're just perfect for each other, haha.)
Being an introvert sucks. Truly.

Well, before I go, another random discussion.
My mom's sister-in-law recommended a book for her in early January. It originally wasn't written in English, but had thankfully been translated. Using her new Kindle from Christmas, my mom purchased it, and was absolutely hooked.
For some reason, my family always seems to discover things before they become wildly popular, because now it's a best seller, and even had a movie made.
Yep, I'm talking about this book:

Crazy, huh?
Let's just hope this doesn't become the new Da Vinci Code... I still haven't read it!
(Not that I didn't enjoy the Da Vinci Code, you just get sick of hearing about it until the point where you scorn other people who read and praise it!)

Until next time!

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