Friday, April 2, 2010

What Do All The Cool Kids Do On A Friday Night? Pt1

They work on a secret project in the basement for their girlfriend's birthday, while watching Lord of the Rings because there is nothing else on.

Seriously, right now I'm taking a quick break from my secret project, and right now Elrond is telling Gandalf to get the hell out of Rivendel. But about this secret project.... The idea came to me a few weeks ago, its one of those ideas in which you immediately know that it is perfect. Now I can't give any details on this, at least not yet. In a week I'll add a second part and tell the world how my last few weeks have been trying to put this thing together. I will say that when I thought of this idea, I checked the internet for...constructive criticism. As it turns out, many others had the same idea as me, and have already completed secret projects of their own. If you're reading this, and start speculating on what my project is, don't get your hopes up for the big reveal next week, you might be disappointed. I'm not building a rocket car or a pair of undershorts that turns your farts into a hot air balloon. This project has meaning behind it, and I'm hoping Maddie will get the full impact of it. If not, well then its the though that counts right? This whole point of this entry is to tease her. She'll NEVER guess what it is.

'Til next week.


  1. Ahhhh!!! The suspense is killing me! I swear, my brain might explode before you even give me this gift from trying to figure out what it is!
    One a side note, if you can't complete the project in time, I could use one of those special pants...
    ...not that I'm saying girls fart or anything, that's just crazy talk...

  2. This made me laugh because I posted something very similar on facebook when working on my husband's secret project gift for my 2nd wedding anniversary last month.

    The reveal was not as exciting to most people as it was to him.

    I hope Maddie enjoys her surprise as much as my hubby enjoyed his.