Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's SPORE time again!

I still have some creatures that need uploading!
Here they are, with all their strange glory.

The Garbatcher... It's a carnivorous creature that camoflauges itself by hiding in tall grass. It's long neck is like a vine, and it hangs its head down to hide its face. It hops on suction cups when it wants to move.

The Dappertrope is a strange creature... It has no legs, but instead wriggles like a snake, and pulls itself with its arms for added speed. It can fly for short amounts of time, which helps it reach berries and fruit.

The Paddapup is a cutesy little creature. It barks and resembles a dog, yet eats fruit. They have really short back legs.

The Acitwok. It's a strange hobbling bird creature with multiple personality disorder. They are omnivores...

Finally, the Puera! This was the first creature I ever made on Spore. It's a flying, raptor-like bird creature.

That's all of my creatures as of now!
Next time, I will be uploading some of my buildings, vehicles, and such.

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