Thursday, April 8, 2010

Celebrating Half a Year! + Eastertime

This Easter was Jon and my half-anniversary! It was full of crazy adventures...
Yes, it has been half a year since Jon and I first began our relationship!
Sadly we weren't together on our six-monthiversary, but we were able to talk on the phone to wish each other a great day.
My Easter was rather bland and full of naps, but otherwise it was quite nice. It was sunny and fairly warm outside, and since we were at my uncle's Rhode Island house, I had a few little adventures.
Around 11am in the morning, everyone in the house was making a commotion about a large bird making noise in the driveway. Being the bird-brain that I am, I went outside in my mom's shoes to take a look for myself.
I was surprised to see a huge, fat bird sitting in brush near my uncle's driveway. It was trapped for the most part, because on one side was me standing in the driveway, and on the other side was a mesh fence.
It had a red waddle that looked like two cymbals being held at ready, a little shark fin-like protrusion on it's head, and it's face was a bright white like a geisha's makeup. It's feathers were a very light gray with little white speckles.
It kept making strange gurgling noises and it actually pretended to peck at the ground casually while keeping an eye on me the whole time. My uncle soon came outside to take a photo, so I chased the bird back and forth along the fence in order to make it stand in a relatively clear part of the brush. After the photo was taken, I chased it out of the bushes, and it flew into a tall tree in front of the house.
I have no idea how such a fat bird could fly that high, but it did.
After the encounter with the fatty, my sister and I searched the internet in order to identify the strange bird.
We eventually figured out what it was...
It was a Lavender variant of the domesticated Guinea Fowl!
(photo from

Looks like a farmer's bird had went AWOL. The strangest thing was that the bird stayed in the tree for nearly 5 hours! I think it couldn't get down... I felt bad for chasing it up there because I was only trying to help it. (It was walking back and forth a fence trying to figure out how to get to the next yard and frustrating itself.)
We left Rhode Island at that point so I have no idea if it ever got down.

Another adventure I had involved ladybugs... lots of ladybugs.
The warm weather seemingly woke up all the ladybugs from hibernation and I went on a spree to catch as many as possible that had gotten into the house and throw them out the door.
There were about a dozen of them crawling all over random windows. It took a lot of effort to wrangle them all up.
After a while I finally rid the house of the invaders... Victory!

The last adventure I had involved evidence of BIRD MURDER.
Though I didn't see it, supposedly a hawk was standing in the grass in the backyard, and suddenly flew up, creating a burst of feathers. Apparently it had attacked a catbird and took it away for eating. There were some gray and russet feathers lying about, as well as some long black and white wing feathers.
(Those of you not familiar with catbirds, they are gray with a black crown, a rusty-colored rump, and when they fly their wings are black with clearly visible white spots.)

Crazy bird adventures indeed!

Well that's about all for my Eastertime adventures!

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