Friday, March 28, 2014

Work & Play on Vacay: Day 4 + 5

I was busy/lazy/whatever these past two days, so I didn't have time to type up a blog post.
Time to catch up on what's been going on...

DAY 4!

I tried to move my sleep schedule back on track, so I asked Jon to wake me at 1:30pm.
That didn't exactly work out... I was too tired and ended up staying in bed for another half hour until 2pm.

Curse you and your persistence, winter!
Everything was blanketed in snow when I looked out the window, which was a real bummer. We still wanted to go and have a nice day, so I hopped into the shower to get ready.
Hilariously, while I was showering the power decided to go out. It was extremely windy out, so it wasn't that unexpected. Thankfully I was right at the end of my shower, so I just rinsed a little more and got changed.

At 3:00pm we left to go get lunch at Chick-fil-A and grab some Rita's. As usual, it was absolutely delicious.

Guava ice with vanilla custard. PURE BLISS.
I was extremely tired when we got back, and surprisingly Jon was too. We were pretty lazy for the rest of the day. I'm not 100% sure, but I think we just sat around and watched TV, and Jon played video games while I looked at sofubi toys on the internet. I honestly can't even remember.

That night I was exhausted and retired to bed early around 10:30pm. Unfortunately I didn't end up sleeping for very long, and awoke at 1:30am having to pee. That somehow woke me up, and I hopelessly got up to try and get myself tired again.
I ended up finally cracking open the journal I bought at Michael's Craft Store and writing a few pages about my life as it currently stands... A kind of "snapshot" into my life so one day I can look back and have an idea of who I was, and what my opinions on things were at the time.
After writing a bit, I mindlessly watched CNN (not sure if it was the global CNN or they just have the global CNN people at night) while browsing my phone for designer toy goodness. I finally went to sleep around 6:00am.

DAY 5!

I had asked Jon to wake me at 12:00am, but when I woke up I begged for another half hour... So it was 12:30am when I finally awoke.
I'm also starting to think that the cat allergies are finally catching up to me.
I was so exhausted and achey that it took me forever to convince myself to dunk my head in the sink and wash my hair. (I shower every other day, it's actually better for you.)

Once we were all ready, we left to go grab some food at the super market.
As expected, we left with very little food, and more cheese snacks than I know what to do with.
We also swung by Chick-fil-A for some nuggets, because they're too damn good.

I had a very blue lollipop afterwards, and I swear that I have eyebrows under that hat.

Jon and I watched some TV for a little while before he left to go see one of his friends in neighboring New Jersey. 
Being the weak person I am, I took the opportunity to take a much-needed nap. I lay down at around 6:30pm, only to wake up at 10:50pm hungry, thirsty, and confused.
I went upstairs and made myself some chicken tenders (I'm eating a ton of chicken down here in Delaware, haha) while being stared at for 50 min straight by Jon's cat, Bandit.

After preparing and eating my second chicken meal of the day, I decided to get some actual work done.

Working on the body and thighs!
Everything started out pretty well. I decided to scrap the wire armature of the thighs in favor for aluminum foil.
Once I was done building up the body and smoothing the clay, I popped Stolas into the oven and...
...his head didn't make it.
The styrofoam changed shape and the warping seemed to disrupt the clay enough for it to crack.
I tried to fix it but...

Nope, not happening.

...the pieces were much too warped and bent to fit back together. Oh well.
Guess my next course of action is to remake the head on an aluminum foil base.

On the bright side, I started playing around with a vinyl blank. Going to turn this hippo into a pit bull and hopefully auction it off for Bully Breed Rescue once it's finished!
Not much, but it's a start.
It wasn't until around 4:00am or so that I started getting tired and went to bed.
So much for fixing up my sleep schedule.

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