Sunday, March 23, 2014

Work and Play on Vacay: Day 1

It's become apparent that I am seriously slacking when it comes to making new content, whether it's videos (how long has it been?), blogging (been a month), or art (last time I touched some clay was before Christmas.)


Today will be the first day in a pitiful attempt to make some blog posts and get some shit done.
See, Jon has been working for the past four months, and we haven't had the opportunity to visit his parents in Delaware for more than two days over Christmas. Now that his part-time position has come to an end, we can finally escape Connecticut and my crazy family, and take a much-needed vacation.
Of course, since almost every day at my own home is a vacation day, that means while I actually have to DO things while in Delaware.
(Let's face it, all I do at home is sleep, play FFXIV, sleep some more, and wonder why my body hates me)

Here's a recap of what I've done today.

Today was rather uneventful.
I went to sleep at around 10:30pm, only to wake up at 1:00am having to pee. I half-watched reruns on Investigation Discovery until my alarm went off at 4:30am. At that point Jon and I got ready to leave, which we finally did around 5:50am or so. 
We drove our way down south, stopping at some random rest stop for a small breakfast, which for me was some Roy Roger's breakfast fries with chocolate milk.
(Let's just say that I deeply regret my choice of breakfast some 9 hours later, and leave it at that.)
We arrived at Jon's house at approximately 9:30am, and almost immediately passed out until about 2:45pm.
The remainder of the day was spent watching TV, eating dinner, regretting breakfast, and...
Putting stuff up in my shop!

Yes, I'm finally putting my shop together after about a year of non-selling limbo.
Only my needle-felted pieces are up at the moment, and they aren't for sale yet because I stupidly forgot to measure them before leaving home, but at least they're viewable as a preview.

Did someone say BRAINS? No? ...oh, okay.

You can check out the shop HERE or click the Shop tab for a link.

So, that's it for today. Tomorrow we're going to drive to Dover to get some Chick-fil-A (I know, I know, it's a weakness of mine), see dogs and cats at PetSmart, and of course, check out the Michael's Craft Store for any goodies, like vinyl toy blanks. Maybe I can even get started on making something!

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