Saturday, January 25, 2014

Skyla's Story: Yarzon'a Give Me a Reward For This?

I arrived in the Central Shroud ready to complete my duties and deliveries!

I cut down some ladybugs for their scarlet oil as well as some of the targets my hunting log mentioned. If the Lancer's Guild wanted these things exterminated, it was my goal to do whatever I could to make it happen. If I ever have any hope of becoming a Dragoon, I better be prepared to show my skill and loyalty.

It soon started to rain as I made my way towards an outpost with a delivery, and I almost slipped in the mud right in front of the recipient... No wonder she commented on my lack of experience.
I was soon tasked with finding a bunch of lazy initiates of the Twin Adders, which was simple enough. I made sure to give them a piece of my mind. How anybody could neglect such an honor to serve was beyond me.
My next task was somewhat... terrifying.
I had to gather some yarzon shells for the trainees to practice with, but I had forgotten what a yarzon actually was.
As soon as I arrived, I remembered that awful drawing of a spider-crustacean in my father's book and how much I had hoped to never encounter that thing.
Well, I said I would do it... Ugh.

I thought about my best course of action on dispatching that... thing, and decided that an ambush from above would probably work best.
With a yell half threatening and half "what in the Twelve am I getting myself into," I leaped down into the stream and stabbed my adversary...

I think the horrifying discovery that it had a terrible hinged jaw of death made me focus more on stabbing the Hells out of it, because it fell a lot quicker than I thought it would.
I got my four shells and almost felt like culling more than needed just because of how downright disgusting these things were, but the skies broke open with lightning and I decided it was time to seek shelter.
I ran back to The Bannock, as I found the outpost to be called, and presented the shells to the archery course for their practice. My efforts were rewarded generously with servings of braised pipira, a delectable fish soaked in butter and mushrooms, which I ate under the overhanging roof of a nearby storage shed.

I guess the warmth of the dish and all of that fighting made me sleepy, because I started to nod off...
Guess a catnap couldn't hurt.

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