Saturday, January 4, 2014

Skyla's Story: Evening and Earrings

It was late in the evening when I returned back to the Lancer's Guild to tell the Guildmaster that I had completed his task. I dare say, he was proud of me, and so was I.
I didn't come all this way for nothing.

Ywain told me that skill and strategy come with practice and courage, but for now I have to just master thrusting my lance into the enemy while maintaining a hold on the weapon itself.
In celebration of my victory against Gridania's pests, I was served a nice helping of marmot steak. It felt great to be able to eat a nice warm meal after my task. I also receiving a hunting log, which was basically a book filled with monsters and the like that need culling.
I said my goodbyes, and decided to spend the rest of my evening exploring the city.

Even though it began to rain, I wasn't fazed. I was much too happy to even care.
Gridania is a beautiful city. Even though the residents are a little less-than-friendly, this place could really become home...
Home is a concept I haven't thought of for a while.
Guess I'll probably need more gil to even consider paying for room and board long-term.

While I was wandering, I came across a Moogle who was very insistent on selling me something. I kept trying to tell him I was new to Gridania and had barely any gil to my name, but he wouldn't stop. After a bit more coaxing I decided to humor him and look at his wares.

He (or she? Do moogles even have genders?) presented me with earrings in the shape of cactuar, and told me he only wanted 1 gil! You couldn't imagine how overjoyed I was.
After walking away with the earrings in my pocket and one less gil coin in my bag, I decided it was time to go and call it a night.

I returned to the Adventurer's Guild and found an empty table to the side of the lobby. Some drunkard must have been sitting their earlier, because there was a large wine bottle standing there, completely empty.
Good for nothing drunks...
As I sat down, my mind wandered back to when I was wandering from town to town, not knowing where I was going and still unsure of where life would lead me. How many times had drunks tried to get me to do their job for them as they took time off at a bar, only to be shooed away by their boss or supervisor and left without pay?
Too many times.

I slowly began to nod off, so I let sleep overtake me.
Tomorrow I shall start helping people around Gridania... Maybe that way I'll be able to earn the favor of its residents and eventually be able to call it home.
Could use the gil, too.

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