Saturday, January 18, 2014

Skyla's Story: What's this?

(The majority of this was written on Dec 21st and then scheduled for posting.)

Falling asleep in the Marketplace wasn't the best idea.
I was abruptly woken up at the crack of dawn by the hammering and sawing of a Carpenter and his mobile workstation.
I need to find a better place for some shut-eye...

Since I already had a pocket full of gil anyway, I decided to buy some new clothes at the Market.
I was overjoyed to find out that someone was offering the exact same lance that I saw being carried by the Woodwailers earlier. Needless to say, I snatched that up quicker than you could say "GIMME."
I even bought an eye-patch, since I overheard that covering one eye the whole day can help you see better when it starts getting dark. Sure will take some getting used to, though. I also put in my cactuar earring for good measure.
As I walked out the doorway, I stopped abruptly in my tracks to the sight of...

...snow? Decorations? Did I really lose track of time this much?
This must be what the Starlight Celebration looks like in the city! 

I removed my eye-patch to take a better look... Wow!
My town had a tree and some little things, but never anything to this magnitude.
Best of all, I guess I'm now seeing the warmer, friendlier side of Gridania. What a relief that is, for sure!
I perked up my ears and heard a hustle and bustle coming from the direction of the Amphitheater...
There's GOT to be something going on over there!
I couldn't help but stop along my way to marvel at some of the decorations, though.

They seem to have enchanted some star-shaped decorations, because these at the bottom of the stream GLOW!!!

The Amphitheater was unlike anything I had ever imagined... a true Starlight wonderland!
While I was there I chatted with someone in a snowman suit and they told me that some snowmen have gone... missing. (A very realistic costume I might add, I almost mistook them for an actual snowman!)
Apparently the ice cores they implanted into the snowmen to keep them freezing cold even in these warm temperatures might have given them sentience since they were originally from golems.
You'd think the genius who thought that idea up in the first place would have foreseen this result...

Guess I'll have to keep a lookout for any snowmen once I leave town.
Speaking of which, I still have all those duties to fulfill! 
Time to put my eye-patch back on (though it itches, I might add) and hop to it!

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