Thursday, April 11, 2013

Productivity Week: Day 3 - Allergies and Sleep

I got up early at 8:15am today to get ready for my 10am class, Art Appreciation.
Let me tell you... that class is the WORST.
I love art. I love making things, being creative, and seeing other people's work. This class, however, is the most annoying bombardment of useless information possible. Basically the whole class is looking at styles and techniques of art, which wouldn't be half bad if we didn't have to hear all of three times over... Once in the reading, once in the homework, and finally all over again in the lecture. The third time through, you kind of want to throw something at the teacher just to get her to shut up.

Today we were looking at how churches were designed. I've already had a feeling that my teacher is Jesusy just from some of the language she's used in past classes, but today really took the cake.
Seriously, WHY do I have to know about all these different parts of churches? And you're going to talk about churches for AN HOUR?
Yeah, no thanks.

So yeah, I was pretty much nodding off in class as it was, but then I slowly started to feel my breathing becoming heavier and my eyes itching...
This seems to happen every damn year. I miss summer so much during the winter, and completely forget about that little stretch of time called SPRING.
Allergies, sleepiness, AND sitting through an hour-long lecture about flying buttresses? 
Once again, no thanks.

After class I checked to see if the kiln was open (which it wasn't) so I pretty much decided that between allergies and not having anything to glaze, I'd just go home.
I took some Benadryl, passed out until 6pm, and then started PRODUCTIVITY!

Today I...
  • Made a 35 minute Blood Brothers video, updating information from my previous vid and answering some viewer questions
  • Put together a quick streaming set-up (sadly I had to scrap some of it because I made some wrong measurements)
  • Streamed about an hour and a half of World of Warcraft while practicing non-stop blabbing (because you have to talk to be an interesting streamer... It's a LOT harder than it sounds)
So... I really didn't get much done today at all.
I blame allergies.

Tomorrow will be an AWESOME day however, and I say this because THE KILN OPENS!!! Nonstop glazing for 3 hours, YYYEAAAHHH!
...Don't look at me like that, it's damn fun!

Anyway, that's it for now.... Now SLEEP TIME.

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