Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Productivity Week: It's BACK.

Well, I've realized that I have a shitload if things to do, and I'm not managing my time and stress very well.
The only thing I can do is do what I did before... declare this week a "Productivity Week" and GET THINGS DONE.
Every day I'll list the things I've gotten done, so that way if I slack off I hopefully embarrass myself and feel ashamed.
(Hey, if it means I'll get stuff done...)

  • Stayed after class to work on Ceramics
    • Scraped down hard edges of unfired pieces
    • Glazed poison mushroom for my mom
    • Glazed drinking goblet with dinnerware-safe glazes
    • Constructed another ikebana dish
  • Made a Blood Brothers video for my YouTube channel
  • Managed finances
    • Sent refund request for broken external iPhone battery
    • Paid Etsy bill
    • Paid credit card bill
  • Blog work
    • Scheduled updates for Demented Doodles until August (click here to visit)
    • Updated -this- blog
Aaaand there we go. I hope I can be as productive tomorrow.

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