Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Agony is Almost Over

The end is finally in sight!
Wednesday will be judgement day, aka my allergy test. I'll finally know what on earth I'm allergic to and what's causing all of this agony.
Yes... Agony. 
I've been in so much pain these last few days because I've been ordered to be off all antihistamines until the test. No nasal spray, no Benadryl (which has also been helping me get to sleep), no Advil Cold & Sinus...
Things have been bad enough WITH medicine, but without has been filled with nothing but awful facial pain.
Not only do I have sinus pressure below and above my eyes now, but also my upper jaw hurts like it's been punched, or like I walked headlong into a wall.

Now not to get all girly on you all, but there has been another side effect of this sinus saga...
Damn. Dark. Circles.
I haven't been able to leave the house often anyway, but the few days that I actually haven't been feeling like death, I've been LOOKING like death. Covering up the deep, sunken black semi-circles under my eyes has been a pain.

Pre-makeup and post-makeup... Not a 100% fix, but better than nothing. It's either fix the eyes a little, or risk looking like a clown.

To make a long blog-post short, I just can't wait for this hell to be over. Life with facial pain is a very miserable life indeed. I've already missed so many classes, a birthday party for an old high school friend of mine, and a Bully Breed Rescue event due to this crap. 

It's time for it to stop.

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