Friday, February 18, 2011

Livestream? On my internets?

If you have absolutely nothing better to do than struggle to hear what I'm saying while I play games, check out my Livestream Account!

I have since adjusted my mic settings to record louder, so if you can't hear me... well, neither can I, and the next videos will hopefully be more audible.

I have some videos of me doing my Icecrown dailies and Heroic Deadmines on World of Warcraft (albeit being EXTREMELY tired and failing miserably in said Heroic.)

Enjoy, if watching this stuff is your kind of thing.

And... STALKER and Livestream don't get along. I get 1 fps if I try to record it, so don't count on it anytime soon.


  1. I really need to know if i live stream soccer on my computer will it make my internet slow. this is my first time streaming soccer on my internet..

  2. If you use Livestream, it will lag a computer with low RAM. If you have around 2GB RAM or more, you should be fine.