Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to get a FULL REFUND in Rage of Bahamut

Yes, Apple/Google are giving out FULL REFUNDS for Rage of Bahamut. Find out how, and get all the information you need in my new video.

On a side note, here's a hilarious post from the comments on the RoB Facebook page... It absolutely had to be preserved here!

Dear Anonymous,

We have recieved your email concerning our new trading system that we are soon implementing. Please understand that we don't know what else to do. Seriously, for the last 2 days, we have been throwing darts at an idea board and nothing has hit good. We purchased some monkeys and place them with laptops in the other room. We're hoping for something creative to happen within the next hour or so. They keep flinging **** around the room, so we posted it on our idea board, so far we hit it 3 times.

Poor Joe from Mobage Support has gone into a severe depression, and we now have him on suicide watch. We tried, really we did. We even took 2 weeks off of work to go to the bahamas, (Thank the community for that will you?) execept Jimmy the janitor, he couldn't go. (Brother a douche and all.)

Please gives us your money. Please? Here, we'll toss in some Holy Powder, personal of course, that takes away from our profits. No? Cure Water? Still nothing. Ok, How about a X100% chance of 0.01% of a chance inside a 0.03% within a 3.1467892766666 chance of a SSR card? **** 
Surely, you have money, isn't it your birthday? Graduation? Death in the family? *** change operation?

Please for the love of god, keep buying things from us. We just wanted to make a quick buck. We don't even know how this game works. Enlighten us on this trading concept. 
Here, we know what the players like: See new card, totally won't be obsolete within a month. Half-naked japanese girl on it, see. Gold. Shiny. Can't trade it though, but to **** with you, your buy it.

We hope you still consider us for your wasting money needs. If not, we understand, we'll coming out with Marvel card game soon. You should see what we are going to do with that. You think "One More Day" or "Clone Saga " was bad.....

Thank you for playing Rage of Bahamut (We just call it cha-ching here)

----Rage of Bahamut Management Office

P.S. We apologize for any inconveniences caused. (We forgot to lube before bending the community over. We'll host Holy War 6.9768534 next month as compensation.)


  1. LOL the bazaar sucks :( I need a new game

  2. are you that daft? Do you not understand you can't ask for refunds on purchasing virtual currency? Just because you bought a car and you later find it's a lemon, however since then you paid for maintenance, oil for oil changes, maybe even a new set of tires. You can't ask for your money back for those things. When you request a refund ANYWHERE, you have to give back the product you bought. You can't ask for refunds on things you partially used or have already used. You kids need to grow the fuck up and take responsibility for yourself. You chose to buy something within a game (mabacoins). You used the coins (who cares what the fuck for). You got what you paid for. So what the result afterwards isn't what you expected. Your issue is with Mobage/Cygames not Apple or Google who don't have your money. For the rumors you hear that people got their money back? True, the initial people who bitched did. Apple and Google has great support and were willing to spend out of pocket to make sure people were happy. Guess what? They later caught wind of the people trying to exploit their kindness and put a halt to the refund requests afterwards. So guess what? you're stuck dealing with cygames. Don't like it? Don't pay for their games in the future. Spread the word. Use the web to notify people of the bs you experienced but don't blame Apple/Google if they can't help you. They are not in a position to.

  3. ^ What a convoluted argument. Is the concept of intangible goods too much for you to handle?

  4. Thank you for posting that some people just cry all day long let them quit it save me the trouble of dealing with them later