Friday, December 6, 2013

lols in LoL, screencaps and funny names from League of Legends

Over the past couple of months I've been spending a lot of time playing League of Legends since I couldn't really do anything that involved actual brainpower.
(Thinking hurts when pretty much everything else in your head hurts as well.)

Since I've probably depressed you all with my post yesterday, I thought I'd post some screenshots from awesome games I've had, and share some of the funniest usernames I've encountered on the game.

This was probably my happiest moment in the game thus-far. A near-perfect game of Summoner's Rift after a string of downright horrible games.

With a name like that, can you honestly blame me for being curious?

This was my first experience with having someone absolutely roll a game of Summoner's Rift. It was absolutely terrifying, though it would have been even more so if they weren't on my team.

I did freakishly well my first time playing Ziggs. Sadly the games that followed weren't as jaw-droppingly amazing.

And the trend somehow continued the next week when Fiora was free-to-play. Did unusually good as a first time Fiora.

These are some of the funniest, strange, or gross names I've encountered in the game.
(Yes, I do write them all down in a little notebook beside my laptop!)
  • dilldoughs
  • CommanderFlexTit
  • TheRolingScones 
  • Shes18Officer
  • CuddlyPoop
  • IWearCROCSDood
  • InTheRear
  • boob grab
  • Foot doc of DOOM
  • Ball Sac Hair 
  • Rabid Hemroid
  • Bodacious Tatas
  • ALotOfNastySTDs
  • SoiledUnderwear
  • HoboJoeLikesSnow
  • AnHorsesDick 
  • NotAtAllAsian
  • ButtSmaxer
  • Anashole 
  • Unkempt Alpaca
  • Fiery Poop
  • satanoctopussy
  • NurpsOfThaPurps
  • Prince Corn
  • Badonkadonkdink
  • DaddyFattySack
  • Coleslaw26
  • Dippndot
  • CommaMamma
  • TacosMightEatUs
  • ImTheCoupon
  • time2poo
  • tastethefeet
  • ThePoorMinions
  • Want2FackQueue
  • HugeThirdLeg
  • man eating soup
  • DroppedBaby
  • Playwithmychod
  • IceyMooseKnuckel
  • 99midgetfarts
  • kiss dis d1ck
  • MoonFanny
  • TheEvilTurnip
  • 5hitkicker
Hope you got a kick out of these.

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