Saturday, August 31, 2013

Skyla's Story: And I Was Born

Have I fallen into some maddened dream?
I find myself floating in blue, weightless... Alone.

And then... a voice?
...and I do. The voice, it is female, but there is no mouth to speak it. Why does this not unnerve me? Something about the voice soothes.
"Hear... Feel..."

A light? I find myself approaching it, but its beauty suddenly warps into a void of darkness...
...and I feel. I feel a panic I've never known, one that sends my body into a fearful paralysis.
A figure appears from the cold blackness, cloaked and wearing a mask of crimson. It is almost like I am looking upon the twisted visage of a demon, but a human mouth below the facade betrays his identity as not being such.

This is not the source of the voice, I know this for sure.
A mote of light appears before me, smaller than the one that lured me to the darkness.
"Hear... Feel... Think..."
The voice grounds me, soothes my muscles that were tensed in fear.
I know now... This person who stands before me in the expansive blue nothingness is not a threat.
The floating orb of light rushes towards me and seems to fuse with my body...
Flames of white light surround me and cloak me in...
This armor... This is the armor that someday I wish to don upon myself, the armor of the Dragoon.
I instinctively hold my arms out and a white glow expands to form a piercing lance.

I am ready.
The form that has been observing me with such menace reacts, a red symbol forming in front of his face as he screams noiselessly.
I am not afraid. 
That voice, my guardian in the blue... Could it be Nymeia, patron of my birth? Maybe...
Confidence rushes through my veins as I lurch forward to meet my destiny. I hold the lance in my steady hands and envision the approaching clash with the hostile, cloaked form...
...I just need to aim for the chest, pierce the heart and...

...and everything goes black.

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