Friday, June 21, 2013

Productivity Bonanza - Thursday

So, Thursday was my first day of following the game plan set out for me by my therapist.
(If you're confused, read the previous blog entry, it won't kill you.)

Thursday morning I woke up confused and half-asleep to Jon's phone alarm. I really didn't want to get up, so I told him to go take a shower first and wake me up when he's about to eat breakfast. He did exactly that, and I deliriously ate some Cheerios.
When it came time for him to leave, I said goodbye, and then realized how awful I felt. I was getting dizzy and it seemed like my heart was about to burst out of my chest. Thankfully my dad has one of those blood pressure checkers, so I tested myself.
I had a pulse of 93, and I didn't do anything so that was definitely abnormal. My blood pressure was also slightly elevated from normal.
I concluded that I had to go back to sleep, at least until 10:00am, so that's precisely what I did.
When I woke up I proceeded to shower, check my phone, and change into actual clothes rather than PJ's.

At approximately 11:45am, I officially started my day.
First thing I did was attempt to fix my glow-in-the-dark glass gauge that I stupidly wore into the shower a week back.
(It had fallen from my ear once it got wet, and one of the tips shattered. I managed to find a little shard of glass, and after being absolutely confused where the other bits were, I felt a sharp pain in between my toes. Yep, there was the piece I was missing.)
I took out my jewelry glue and started to work, but the first piece was slightly off-center.
Oops, too late, this shit is like super glue.
Oh well, it's back together but it's not perfect.

After I had finished the repair (if you can even call it that) I walked into my room, pondering what I should do next.
I thought about doing some clay work, but then I saw a lonely box on top of the piles of school crap littered around my room...
See, about two years ago (perhaps even more) Jon and I had purchased a scrapbook from Michael's Craft Store. We thought we'd start a scrapbook documenting our adventures during our relationship, and eventually be able to chuckle over it when we're old farts with false teeth.
That was all good and fun to think about, but once we bought it neither of us really got around to doing anything with it. It just kind of sat there until I randomly decided to make the cover drawing and first page, and it never really progressed any further.

I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to not only give Jon a nice surprise when he returned home from a long day interning at the police department, but also do something that I'll be thankful for years from now.
I grabbed my laptop, the box of supplies and photos, my set of markers, and a Snapple Iced Tea (diet lemon, of course) and plopped myself on the deck table under our umbrella.

4 hours later, and just as my glue-dot roller was running out of tape, Jon came back home. He was tired, but seemed genuinely surprised and glad to see the scrapbook finally coming together.
I only managed to get through about half of our freshman year together (we have a shitload of photos) but it's a start.

The rest of my day consisted of watching episodes of North America, eating dinner, and screwing around of World of Warcraft.


  • Repaired my gauge (kind of)
  • Completed 11 pages of the scrapbook (That's 44 photos glued, 44 captions written/decorated)
I'm pretty damn happy with that. Here's to a productive day today!

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