Saturday, June 2, 2012

What? Another hello.interloper?

Yes, there has been a split... there are now TWO blogs by the name of Hello Interloper.
Well, because it was convenient!

We now have a tumblr.
(Click the link to check it out.)

Now you may be asking "why on earth do you have one of those gosh-darned hipster things?" but the truth is, I am always on the go taking photos. I just started to use Instagram, and they have an option to directly upload to tumblr. It's simple, easy, and I just have to press a few buttons.

Does that mean this blog will die? Of course not. THIS blog will continue to have significant posts... posts with actual text, not just random photo uploads.
If random photos are your kind of thing though, the tumblr is free for you to peruse at your own leisure.

Before I go and return to playing mindless videogames, I leave you with a preview of my next batch of polymer clay earrings!

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