Friday, June 29, 2012

Sketch Dump #7

It's been AGES since I last uploaded a proper sketch dump.
These are all doodles that I made during Sociology class this month, and photographed/edited in Instagram.

A Goblin from Final Fantasy XI, reference used.

Some kind of cassowary-like bird.

Courier Carrie from Final Fantasy XI (reference used)

A Chocobo from Final Fantasy XI (reference used)

My FFXI character, Kelrei.

My favorite adoptable mush, Drake, from Bully Breed Rescue. (reference used, visit for more info about Drake and BBR!)

Random birdie.

Kelrei again. (reference for hair used)

Cupcake, another sweet, adoptable pup from Bully Breed Rescue. (reference used, visit for more info about Cupcake and BBR!)

Most importantly... Please visit Bully Breed Rescue's website! If you live in the either New England or the Tri-State Area, and are seeking a new pal in your life, you may just find your next best friend!

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