Thursday, March 24, 2011

April's Army

Taking a moment to tell everyone about a little slice of Etsy that's definitely worth taking a gander at. has been one of my favorite websites to visit on an (almost) daily basis. The snark, hilarity, and great community there had been a constant source of entertainment and a good way to learn what NOT to do on Etsy.
The site itself is run by April Winchell who goes by the moniker "Helen Killer." She's a spectacular woman who has a mouth like a sailor (a drunken, angry sailor), but deep down inside she has a heart of gold. Her Regretsy Fund has donated thousands of dollars to charities and people in desperate need of aid, whether it be cancer, being on the verge of homelessness, among other things.

Needless to say, it's pathetic when people whine that her site is "mean-spirited" and "horrible." She showcases tragically awful items with a load of snark, and the people deserve it. She doesn't leave any room for excuses, and will be as blunt as possible.
She's also helping people out, more so than any of the whiners probably have in their life.

As April has once said, "I'd rather talk shit and do good, than talk good and do shit."

So on the subject of doing good, there's a new Etsy team in town... April's Army.
This team is made up of Regretsy fans, but they are also real crafters with real talent.
Many of these sellers are unemployed, in financial trouble, or trying to kickstart their business, but have been having a tough time due to the large number of Chinese resellers on Etsy claiming that their cheap items are "vintage" and "original."
...thus their love for Regretsy's snark, and an appreciation of April's hatred for these fakes.

Though April's Army was created by a seller, April has addressed the group and has announced a voluntary charity project for any members willing to participate. Yes, that's right... Hundreds of sellers will soon be featuring items to help someone in need.
To believe that some people are trying to shut this group down... jeesh.

So I urge all of you to check out the sellers who are a part of April's Army.
All of these people truly make handmade pieces of art, not mass-produced items made in sweatshops and incorrectly labeled as genuine. I've been posting and reading the forums there, and it is incredible how many talented people have joined the army's ranks. Every seller also has a story... whether they're a student straight out of college, an unemployed single mom, or someone suffering from a medical condition they can't afford to treat, these are all very real people. They could use the support.

Click here to visit the group... and join if you'd like!

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