Monday, February 2, 2015

A rant about pets aging.

The family yorkie is 13.
She sometimes sharts herself.
Her breath is atrocious, like a barrel of fish left in the sun for a few days.
You can sneak up on her when you get home and she won't realize you're there until she turns around.
 Her eyes are cloudy and she hates being in the dark.

And you know what?
She is our best bud, our partner in crime, our little yappy bitch.

Pets aren't a novelty.
They're a best friend whose shoulder you cry on, and who will in turn lick those tears away.
They are there next to you on the loneliest days.
They share your excitement when things are awesome, and make them even more memorable.
They make you laugh, they make you mad (but never for long) and they enrich your life like nothing else can.

If you disagree with this, maybe a pet isn't right for you... because that is what pet ownership is supposed to be.
It's a relationship, a friendship that you see through to the very end.
It's trust to care for each other forever and always.

If not... get a plush animal, and call it day.

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