Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Unfortunate Circumstances + A Public Service Announcement about Dubstep

A brief update...

The pulse problem has not ceased. This Thursday I'll be wearing a 24-hour heart monitor and will be getting an echo-cardiogram.
Definitely not what I was expecting to happen... I can only hope that whatever is wrong can be remedied easily, and is only temporary.

Hopefully I'll also be able to resume my regular work and make more videos soon.

In other news, a quick PSA about dubstep...

Hearing Skrillex and saying all dubstep is shit is like being bitten by a dog and saying all dogs are evil... Dubstep has been around for years before Skrillex walked onto the scene, and it's true that he set an unfortunate standard where songs are all about "the drop," are as noisy as possible, and the use of heavily glitched-out sounds. That being said, not all dubstep tracks are like that; many are melodic and meaningful.

That would be all.

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