Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy Staffy

Thought I'd share a drawing I made a few weeks ago!
I got a big set of 50 markers for $10 when I last visited Jon in Delaware, and was dying to try them out... and what better way to take them for a test run than to draw a Staffy?
For those not in the know, Staffordshire Bull Terriers are the UK's pitbull. Most dogs in shelters there are Staffys, and they tend to be demonized by the media. Though both the Staffy and pitbull share a common ancestor, the Staffy doesn't grow to be more than 35lbs and can sometimes be half the size of a pitbull.
I met my first Staffy at my dog-washer job, and it was love at first sight. His name was Earl, and he was one of the friendliest dogs at the facility. He loved people, was best friends with a female mini dachshund less than a third his size, and wouldn't hurt a fly. If the doxie took a toy from him and was guarding it, he'd bark at her, and then at us rather than lunge and take it away. It was as if he knew his strength and wanted us to help him out rather than risk hurting her. Even more incredible, when he was in the play area he was confronted by a pitbull pup... rather than start a fight, he walked to the corner and sat. He ended up being peed on, but he took it rather than resorting to violence. I was touched by his self-control and love for people.
Ever since leaving my job I've been missing that goofy pup, and musing about getting a Staffy of my own. How I'll go about getting one is up in the air, possibly literally... One of my current options is to fly to the UK and adopt one from a shelter, then fly him back to the US. If that'll even work is a mystery to me, but one can hope.
I also have to move out of my parent's place first... at least that'll be happening in less than two years.

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  1. sooo cute i have a staffy,storm, and she is about 6/7months old! i lovvvve ur drawing!