Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WE'RE BACK! (and ready to craft!)

Yep, you heard right! Hello Interloper is back from haitus at last!
Going to give you guys all a quick update to tell you what's currently going on, and in store for the future.

First, we've been featured on the blog Trina's Clay Creations! (Click the link to see the blog post!) As a part of the Polymer Clay Enthusiasts Team, our "Hullo Thar" bird was chosen to be a part of the post.
Thank you Trina! :)
Also check out the blog post to see some other amazing polymer clay artists!

Secondly... ZOMBIES!

Our latest addition to the Etsy shop has been a batch of little needle-felted zombie animals!
The yellow rabbit has already sold, but I've made two more that I will be posting near the beginning of October.

Thirdly... is that even a word...? Anyway... We have NEW STUFF IN THE WORKS!
No preview just yet, but the next batch of crafts are going to be "sweet", hehe!
I've made lots of lollipop earrings in both studs and hanging styles, as well as some geekery for gamers.

I leave you with this little screencap of a Facebook post...
I was reading an article on MSNBC about the Wall Street protests, when I realized that the man in this photo was holding up a sign with lyrics from "Havoc B" by Enter Shikari. Of course this made me really excited, because I love seeing fans of my favorite bands out in the wild. I decided to post it to Enter Shikari's  Facebook page, and within a couple hours they took notice and reposted it.
How awesome is that?

Until next time!

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